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Middle School

The Lawrence E. Jones Middle School Library is a place to read, study, and research, as well as being a welcoming place to hang out. Patrons are expected to exhibit safe, respectful, and responsible behavior.  Please work to keep our Library a great place to be.


NO food, drinks, or gum in the Library

Be respectful of other peoples property, possessions, and space

Clean up after yourself

Push in your chair when you leave the table

Put away games PROPERLY after you play with them

Do not disturb students who are reading or doing homework

Do not hang onto or bump into the security gates

Use a shelf marker when looking for books

You will need to have your Student ID card when checking out books.

No electronic gadgets including cell phones, Gameboys, PSPs, etc...


You must check in with the Library Assistant and have your Student ID card to use the computers in the library (except the browsers - used to look for books)

You must have a signed Internet Agreement form on file

You must stay on school related sites at lunch time and appropriate sites ALWAYS

No email or chat allowed at school

No Internet games unless they are academically appropriate. Examples: AAAMath, Funbrain

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