• Our goal as a district is to make sure our parents and community members have accurate information. Rumors are unverified accounts or explanations of events that circulate from person to person and through communities or organizations. Sometimes rumors even become propaganda when used to inject misinformation or disinformation into conversations and drive wedges between persons. In this sense, rumors are destructive. Rumors spread quickly in the past, but now in the era of social media they can spread online in seconds. The best way to combat rumors is to seek information or explanations from knowledgeable sources. The way to do that is to contact the person most likely to have the information or explanation.

    If you are a parent of a student and you have a question or you have heard a rumor that is classroom related, you should contact your child’s teacher. If your question or the rumor you have heard is school related, you should contact your child’s principal. All of our schools have websites with contact information, which includes both phone numbers and email addresses.

    If you are a parent or community member and you have a question or heard a rumor that involves the school district you may contact us via email at information@crpusd.org.

    Prior to contacting any of the above, consider what you may have heard or think critically about the question you may have. Quite a bit of information is available on the district website or on any of the school’s websites.