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Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District

Learning for a lifetime...

Board Meeting - June 25, 2013

8. Consent Agenda
    D. Confidential Student Information
    E. Confidential Student Information
12. Board Services

Special Board Meeting - June 24, 2013


Board Meeting - June 11, 2013

8. Consent Agenda
    E. California Healthy Kids Survey
    G. Shared School Site Council for John Reed and Waldo Rohnert
     I. Annual Food Service Agreements
          Bellevue Union School District
    N. Disposal of Two Surplus Sanders
    Q. Contracts with Registered Nurses
          Cindy Besa
          Lisa Rose Darwin
          Jerilynn Ice
          Laura Lee Misi
    R. Legal Services
          Dannis, Woliver & Kelly
    S. Confidential Student Information
    T. Confidential Student Information
    U. Confidential Student Information

Measure D Citizens' Oversight Committee Meeting - June 4, 2013


Special Board Meeting - May 29, 2013


Board Meeting - May 14, 2013

8. Consent Agenda
    A. & B. Included in Packet
    C. Warrant Register
    L. Confidential Student Information 

 Special Board Meeting - April 24, 2013


Special Board Meeting - April 23, 2013


Board Meeting - April 9, 2013

8. Consent Agenda
    A. Included in Packet
    B. Warrant Register
    E. Agreement with SCOE re: El Colegio (Page 1 of Agenda)
    G. Filed Williams Complaints (Received No Complaints)
    J.  Contract for Psychologist Consultant Services
    K. Agreement with Dominican University
    L. Confidential Student Information

Special Board Meeting - April 3, 2013


 Special Board Meeting - March 14, 2013


Board Meeting - March 12, 2013

8. Consent Agenda
    A. Minutes - Included in Packet
    B. Warrant Register
    G. Thomas Page Portable P-3
    H. Confidential Student Information
    I.  Confidential Student Information

Special Board Meeting - February 27, 2013


Board Meeting - February 12, 2013

7. Chief Business Official's Report
8. Consent Agenda
   A. Minutes - Included in Packet
   K. Confidential Student Information
12. Board Services
   A. Fiscal Update and Planning

 Special Board Meeting - February 5, 2013


Measure D Citizens' Oversight Committee Meeting - January 22, 2013


Board Meeting - January 15, 2013

8. Consent Agenda Items
    J.  Agreement with JSA
 12. Board Services

Board Meeting 12-11-12

Note: Meeting begins at 6:00 p.m.
8.  Consent Agenda Items
     E. Out-of-State Travel
11. Business and Operations Services
      A. Developer Fees Report

Special Board Meeting 12/6/12


Board Meeting 11-13-2012

8. Consent Agenda Items
     F.  Interpreter Services
     G.  Mental Health Services
     H.  Interpreter Services
          Interpreter Services
     I.   LVN Bus Services
Draft Board Policies:

Board Meeting 10-9-2012

8. Consent Agenda Items
    B. Budget Transfers by Entry - Sept. 2012
    B. Budget Entries by Object - Sept. 2012
    C. Filed Williams Complaints (received no complaints)
12. Board Services

Board Meeting 9-11-2012


Board Meeting 8-14-2012


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