• Principal Johnson Hello, My name is Scott Johnson, and I am proud to be the Principal at Lawrence E. Jones Middle School. At our school, learning and student achievement is always first; we have worked very hard making a school that students love attending.  We are a school of choice for the surrounding area of Rohnert Park. 


    First, I believe that middle school students need an environment and space to find “their place” in school.  They need a place to shine and find their strength. They need to explore experiences and find a venue to be successful and to build confidence. That is why at LJMS, we have twelve after-school sports teams, ASB Leadership, and honors classes. We have fifteen different social, service, and competition clubs.  We have intramural sports and three bands.  We have a drama club that produces 2-3 productions a year in our theater.  We have a much sought-after magnet program called Expeditionary Learning or (ExL) that is experiential and project-based learning. Students in this program spend twenty-five days of the school year on expeditions. We have many opportunities within core academics, and enrichment that are unique and engaging.  At LJMS, we work hard to make sure kids have the space to explore and succeed.


    Second, I believe students need to learn to be great, compassionate, and productive citizens.   We have a strong locally-relevant character education program that is such a part of our school, that not a day goes by that a student does not engage with it.  We live integrity, perseverance, discovery and service everyday on campus.  School-wide service projects are the norm. 


    Thirdly, students need to be genuinely recognized for their efforts, improvements and virtues.  We focus on “catching kids being good”.  We also have eighteen different formal awards that students can receive.  They get a badge for the formal award that goes on a promotion stoll.  We have over 70% of our students that receive awards throughout the year.


    I believe that middle school is an important time to get prepared for high school, to set a foundation for life, and education beyond K-12.  Moreover, education should have a purpose to prepare people to live well. 


    Scott Johnson

    Lawrence E. Jones Middle School,

    Rohnert Park, CA