• Listed below are the instructions for logging into Lexia and Dreambox so your child can practice at home.

    Please remember that both of these programs are self-paced and personalized to your student. Other children should not “play” on these programs when your child is signed in. This could interrupt their progress and advance or lower the level at which your child is at.

    If you have any questions regarding these programs you are welcome to email Amber Griffith at amber_griffith@crpusd.org

    Lexia Core 5 Log On Instructions

    Click on this link http://www.lexiacore5.com 

    If asked, click the STUDENT/PARENT box and enter this email address (or copy and paste) amber_griffith@crpusd.org

    Click right arrow

    Click right arrow

    Enter your student’s username and password. They should know this. If they don’t you can email Amber Griffith to get it.


    Dreambox Log On Instructions


    Click on this link: www.crpusd.org/links

    Click on, “Dreambox link for students”

    Click on, “Evergreen Elementary School”

    Click on your student’s teacher

    K-2nd grade will click on their name and then their picture password

    3rd-5th will enter their username and password

    Click on your student’s teacher

    Click LOG IN