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Lawrence E. Jones Middle School Microbial Report

An anonymous report of "water intrusion" and "black mold" at Lawrence E. Jones Middle School was made to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in March 2017. The same report was made to the California Department of Public Health by Trustee Tim Nonn. In response the district contacted both agencies and explained our health and safety procedures and outlined our planned response. The California Department of Public Health validated the appropriateness of our response and contacted Trustee Nonn.
We conducted a thorough visual inspection and looked for any sources of past or current water intrusion. We also looked for any conditions that would indicate high moisture levels conducive to the growth of mold. We also contacted a Board Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant to do testing at the site. We received preliminary results promptly that the site was clear and today we received the final report, which is linked below. 
We encourage our students, parents and staff to follow our health and safety procedures if there is a concern on a school site. If you are a student or parent, please contact the site principal. If you are on staff, contact the site principal and use our work order system. Our responsibility, which we take seriously, is to provide a safe learning environment. We find this works best when we all work together to keep our schools healthy and safe.
Large File -  LJMS Microbial Report